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Category: ElasticSteel Articles ,  posted on 08-17-2007 by admin
The importance of kick-specific training.
Category: ElasticSteel Articles ,  posted on 08-17-2007 by admin
Spring Health Concerns
Category: ElasticSteel Articles ,  posted on 08-17-2007 by admin
Power Iron Coil
Category: ElasticSteel Articles ,  posted on 08-16-2007 by admin
Category: ElasticSteel Articles ,  posted on 08-16-2007 by admin
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Learn the secrets to superb balance Ė a must have for EVERY Martial Artist! With the techniques taken from The ElasticSteel Strength & Flexibility Method and Yoga you will learn how to improve your balance while developing your strength flexibility and stamina. Click here for more information

Lower Back Focus Training - Improving your lower back health. At Home with Paul Zaichik.

Let Paul Zaichik show you how to GET RID of BACK PAIN in less than 15 MINUTES a day! In this video he'll take you through a great workout aimed at improving your lower back health. All the muscles surrounding your lumbar are properly stretched and strengthened. This leads to equilibrium and safe positioning for your lower spine. Click here fore more information

Many people find yoga difficult due to lack of strength or flexibility to do the postures. Yoga props can make everyoneís yoga session relaxing and enjoyable. Learn how to use simple strap and blocks to get the benefits of yoga, regardless of your strength & flexibility level. Click here fore more information.
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New! Due to numerous requests from ElasticSteel Practitioners we have added a new section to the forums, specifically for Instructors/Trainers/Coaches, to help you along with training your students, increasing your knowledge and propelling your business further.
Please click here for more information (Please note you MUST be a registered member of this forum. Registration is free!)
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Welcome to Paul Zaichik's ElasticSteel Forums!

We have received numerous letters regarding The ElasticSteel Method. This forum was created, in oder help answer any questions that you may have about the method, to motivate and guide you. Feel free to chat about anything that interests you. Remember that many of your fellow ElasticSteel Practitioners have similar questions, comments and remarks.

Here you will find a variety of articles and short videos that Paul Zaichik contributes to the fitness community from time to time, with valuable tips and exercises to take your training to the next level.

To view these videos and other tips, please register to this forum, registration is free but you need to contact us so that we can set up an account for you. When writing to us please include a username that you would like to have. To contact us please click here.
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» Kicking DVD
NEW! Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About
This DVD series is designed to give you a complete understanding and mastery of each of the basic kicks. The four basic kicks are the front kick, roundhouse kick, side kick and hook kick.
The title of each DVD says it all

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about a Front kick
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about a Roundhouse kick
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about a Side kick and a Hook kick
Unlike other DVDís out there, that only show you a few basic demonstrations of each kick from different angles without any explanation of what theyíre for, the ElasticSteel Kicking DVD series shows you EVERYTHING you need to know about kicks.

As always Paul Zaichik takes you through step by step instructions on how to get your kicks, higher, stronger, faster in a very easy to understand and safe approach.

Each DVD is packed with information specific to each of the kicks discussed. In this series every Kick is explained and drills are placed in sections for a specific modality, to make it easy for you to maneuver, understand and follow.

Click the picture to preview this DVD Series.
» KneeInjuryDVD

A knee injury is a very common injury among martial arts practitioners. Knee injury for Martial Arts DVD addresses the cause of your injury and teaches you how to prevent future injuries.
For more information on how to finally get rid of the pain in your knees, learn the reason you got the injury and know how to prevent it from ever happening again, please click here.
» New DVD!
ElasticSteel Grappler
Strength & Flexibility DVD

ElasticSteel grappler is a perfect balance of strength and flexibility training aimed at improving the game of a grappler.

Presently grapplers from all walks of life are beginning to recognize the benefits of flexible lower body. What people are slow to see are the benefits of specific strength development.
Many grapplers still rely on squats and other similar exercise in their training. Those are great general conditioning tools, but they donít transfer to a very specific strength needed on the ground in close quarters, where most of the game takes place.

Specific strength does a lot more than that. It helps to develop flexibility. In other words strong quadriceps wonít help when you want to develop flexibility in your inner thighs or outer hips.
At the same time specific strength allows the flexibility to be functional. For example, what good is your ability to get your leg into the right position if you have no strength to maneuver it, once itís there?
ElasticSteel Grappler DVD hits all these points right on the bullís eyes. Every exercise is designed to develop strength or flexibility and in many cases both abilities simultaneously for specific applications in close quarters.
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» Splits & Flexibility DVD
Click here for more information.

I just finished watching the video, and I have just one thing to say. Awesome material!!!! Needless to say, that I'm starting my training tomorrow. Thanks for bringing this material out for everybody.~A.B, New Jersey"
» Books
If youíre tired of endless push-ups and want to not only spice up your training routine, but bring your strength to a new level then Gravity Advantage MAX is for you!
Paul Zaichikís Gravity Advantage Max is a complete bodyweight training program that takes your strength and Power to the Max in every sense of the word. 12 Powerful sequences are illustrated with one thing in mind - Full advantage of your bodyweight for maximum strength.
Push ups are great, but you can do dozens of them. GAM teaches moves that are all strength, low reps high resistance. The program covers every muscle in the body to develop a rock solid, machine-like physique. The program is absolutely balanced, developing equal but great force in every muscle and its antagonist.
Everyone who masters all 12 GAM techniques will have the strength of a top quality athlete. The great advantage of this program is that only bodyweight resistance is used. You just have to know what moves to do and how to progress. Itís well designed, scientifically progressive program of bodyweight strength training. No pages are wasted here. This is a full body, maximum gains program for any conditioning level.

» New Book
The Power of One!

Power of One is a book written to teach unilateral bodyweight skills. The most familiar of those movements are one arm pushup or pull up, one leg squat. There are many others, and the Power of One is here to teach them to you. As you will see in the first chapter of this book, one sided exercises have a variety of uses. One of them is to simulate the athletic skills in strength training.

Power of One is jammed packed with valuable information and more than 300 photos of bodyweight techniques. The quantities are limed so order your FREE copy of this book today. Pay only Shipping & Handling.
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